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Clean and hygienic environments

Clean Technology Systems Ltd. delivers top-of-the-range environmental products that keeps you and your workers safe. Our modern technology ensures the elimination of health hazards in your environment with an unprecedented anti-bacterial effect.


CTS have invented and patented The Drain Clean System which is able to remove all biofilm, bacteria, virus, and microorganisms from sinks and drains.
Therefore, our product removes the possibility of sinks being a source from which people can catch infections.
The product has been thoroughly tested by the Danish Technological Institute (DTI). DTI is one of the world’s leading testing inspection and certification agencies. DTI concluded that our product is highly effective.

By utilizing UV-C light we are able to efficiently eliminate and remove even the most resistant bacteria. We are the first to utilize a mix of technologies completely without any use of chemicals, hence making it an effective and green product.

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Why use the drain clean system?

Recent research shows alarming studies about sinks, and how they are playing a major role in causing outbreaks and contamination of healthcare staff, patients, and visitors of hospital departments dealing with serious bacteria and illnesses.

The bacteria existing in biofilm in drainpipes can be transferred in droplets when water is running. These droplets can even fall as far as a meter around the sink, potentially contaminating those around it.

Clean Technology Systems Ltd. have invented and patented the Drain Clean System which is able to remove all biofilm, bacteria, virus and microorganisms from sinks and drains. Therefore, our product removes the possibility of sinks being a source from which people can catch infections.


“Many recent reports have found multidrug resistant
bacteria living in hospital sink drainpipes, putting them
in close proximity to vulnerable patients”

– American Society For Microbiology

How does it work?


Mount the product onto any kind of drainpipe, and let the product do its magic. The Drain Clean System is easy to install and can be applied on any kind of system with drainpipes.


All liquids etc. willl be processed by the internal UV-C light that efficiently eliminates and removes even
the most
resistant bacteriavirus 
microorganisms. Without any use of chemicals!


Examine the amazing results, showing almost no existing biofilm, as the product eliminates > 99.97% of all living organisms that passes through it.

Highly effective with urinals

As The Drain Clean System can be mounted on any kind of drainpipes, we have also tested the effect of its effect with urinals. By manually testing the effect over a period of time, our system has proven to be highly effective against blockages and accumulation of bacteria in urinals. By mounting the Drain Clean System you will experience a significant decrease in both.